Euan Stephenson Racing

2023 RACE



•In 2023, Euan will be Racing 6 Rounds at Junior Kart Championship. In the Junior Rotax championship.

•Round 1, Warden Law                    Round 2, Rowah

•Round 3, Llandow                            Round 4, Fullbeck

•Round 5, Clay Pigeon                      Round 6, Whilton Mill



Six Rounds

Warden Law - Rowah - Llandow - Fullbeck - Clay Pigeon - Whilton Mill

Euan Stephenson

Euan likes a lot of different activities when not racing, like Mountain biking, Sailing and Sea Cadets.

Instagram: @euanstephensonracing

Junior Kart Championship

Junior Kart Championship is our first national league racing experience, and we are super excited about the new challenge. 

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